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How It Started

Who am I?

My name is Janet and after my mum passed away from cancer, I was so unhappy with grief that I wanted to connect with her, which I did through an Angel messenger.

This lady uplifted and inspired me so much that I, too, wanted to connect with the Divine and she taught me how to do this through the power of healing with Reiki and Shamanic healing. I practiced with like minded people and with family and friends. 

I have always felt that there is more to life and that I wasn't living my full potential.  I felt that there was something more but I didn't know what.

We all start off in the 3rd dimension.  This dimension is one of fear, lack and limitation.  We are incredibly busy and unhappy, always desiring more.

We then move to the 4th dimension.  We wake up, heal and fix ourselves and then want to heal and fix others.  

We then awaken and move to the 5th dimension, where we learn that there is nothing to fear, nothing to heal, nothing to fix and we can create our own experiences by letting go and accepting everything is exactly as it should be.  There is nothing to do and nothing to manifest, simply letting go, letting the Universe move through you and to you.  This in turn creates magical experiences that you can only dream of because your soul knows what you desire better than your mind does. You learn that your mind gets in the way with the stories it tells and you start to trust your heart, your soul and the Universe which draws all your new experiences to you.

I founded this website to share the vibrational experience through the messages I channel and as Infinite Spirit so often says, it is not the words that are offered to you, it is the vibrational experience that uplifts and inspires you.

I channel Angels, Guides, Animal Guides, Infinite Spirit, Teachers of the Light, it really doesn't matter what "name" we give them because we are all one and the same, just operating on different frequencies.


There is so much negativity and fear in the world, that we all need some respite from it and instead receive messages and guidance of love, hope, joy, freedom and excitement in our lives.

Our natural vibration is a high vibration of love, so with each blog post, the energies I channel always send you love

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